28 | 29 | 30 JUNE 2024

28 | 29 | 30 JUNE 2024


One of the differential values of Tierra Bobal Fest is its gastronomy: quality dishes, made with local ingredients and that manage to bring the flavors of this territory to all palates.

In the first edition, El Yantar de Requena participated with a gastronomic proposal that delighted the public.

Gastro 2024 proposal

The local restaurants RESTAURANTE GARZARAN, SANTOLINA RESTAURANTE and COCINA CADANI bring their gastronomic proposal to the second edition of Tierra Bobal Fest.

They will be present on the stage of Bodega Vera de Estenas on June 28th and in the Patio de Armas of Requena on Saturday June 29th.

Its proposal combines dishes adapted to the festival format without losing quality, and prepared with local ingredients. Among its offerings are: sausage skewers of the region with baked potato, classic burgers or bacon salad of the region. Vegan options available.

On Saturday at noon, in Fuenterrobles will take place the gastronomic event “Taste Fuenterrobles”, a proposal in which different restaurants in the area collaborate.

You can purchase the “Tierra Bobal Fest” voucher through this link.

It is important to make reservations in advance for this activation. *

*The event “Saborea Fuenterrobles” is external to the organization of the festival and can not guarantee its availability if not booked before the celebration of the event.