28 | 29 | 30 JUNE 2024

28 | 29 | 30 JUNE 2024


Tierra Bobal Fest: A Unique Experience in Utiel - Requena

Tierra Bobal Fest: A Unique Experience

Tierra Bobal Fest is a unique experience that invites you to get to know the rich landscape and heritage of the environment where it is held, Tierra Bobal. Both those who already know the environment and those who come for the first time, fall for the charms of an event that is held in different spaces scattered throughout the region of Utiel - Requena, turning this area into unique scenarios for concerts, tastings, gastronomic tastings or routes.

How to get there

By Train

Arriving by train is one of the easiest ways to travel to Tierra Bobal. The nearest station is the Requena-Utiel station, located between Utiel and Requena at San Antonio de Requena. From Valencia, Renfe connects Valencia with Requena-Utiel with two daily frequencies. From Madrid, arriving by train will be the fastest, most comfortable and sustainable way to travel thanks to the AVE and long distance trains, which will leave you in Requena in a direct trip of less than 2 hours.

By Car

Tierra Bobal is located just 1 hour from Valencia and 2.30 hours from Madrid on the A3 - Autovía del Este. The main exits are: 285 to Utiel (west), 278 to Utiel (east), 289 to Requena, and 291 to Requena and Chera by CV395.

By Plane

The closest airport to Tierra Bobal is Valencia airport, located 77.5 kilometers away, and offers domestic and international flights to major cities.

Festival Transportation

Tierra Bobal Fest has a mobility plan that will take you to the main stages! Limited capacity transportation tickets will be available soon. We recommend its use for several reasons: you will be able to comfortably go through all the main scenarios, the space for cars is very limited in some of the scenarios, so there is the possibility of having to park far away. The GPS does not work properly in some areas, you will contribute to the conservation of a unique environment by minimizing the environmental impact, and you will be able to taste the wines of Denomination of Origin without worries!