28 | 29 | 30 JUNE 2024

28 | 29 | 30 JUNE 2024


1.- SUSTAINABLE AND ACCESSIBLE MOBILITY. We encourage the use of collective and accessible transportation. We apply a policy of accessibility to all spaces and services throughout the festival. 

2.- PRODUCTS OF PROXIMITY.  Gastronomic proposal made with local and seasonal products, we have local suppliers and the involvement of the wineries where the festival takes place.

3.- SELECTIVE WASTE COLLECTION. We have different garbage collection islands, both at the public level and throughout the production process of the event. 

4.- USE OF BIODEGRADABLE and NOBLE MATERIALS. We include in all the scenographic proposal  the presence of wood from sustainable forests with certification  FSC and  PEFC.  The furniture used in each edition of the festival is reused ensuring a very long life of all the elements. 

GENDER EQUALITY. Equity in the production teams and in the artistic poster, we use inclusive language in all our communications. 

6.- INTEGRATION OF THE TERRITORY. Respect for the identity and productive and cultural idiosyncrasy in which the festival takes place. 

7.-  EFFICIENT INTERVENTIONS AND CONSTRUCTIONS, leaving intact the physiognomy of the landscape and environment of the different stages of the festival.

VIABLE PROJECT, scaled to the territory, sustainable over time and with multiple financing: public and private.

9.-  RURALITIES: the festival is located in a rural environment and  depopulated, favoring the revitalization of this space through the festival.

NON-MONETARY SOCIAL RETURN, Tierra Bobal Fest generates, in addition to an economic return, a social return in terms of cultural and social revitalization of the rural environment in which we are.